Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Like most of the country, I'm freezing my behind off right now! The banner at the bottom of the TV screen says that it's 10* in ABQ and I've heard over and over all day that the police dept is discouraging any travel in the metro area...scary, when the hubs drives for a living and HAS to be at work (and therefore, driving).

But I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for cold weather. I say I want to live somewhere that gets a real winter, and maybe I'd regret it once I'm actually there, but I'm totally digging this. The unfortunate thing about Albuquerque is that we're not really equipped to handle this, so even though there was only an inch or so of snow on the ground this morning, the roads were too icy to even consider getting to work (well, when you're on crutches and have to rely on other people to drive you). But even working from home today, I was actually so busy I didn't even get to eat lunch till about 5.00 tonight. Fun times.

But for now, I'm going to hobble my way to the kitchen to mix a warming, adult beverage (what, it's cold!), and then settle back down on the couch to wait for the hubs to get home. :)