Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Fresh Start

I decided that this blog needed a new name, and since I'm not real excited by the idea of continuing with long distance running, I settled on this.

I wrote in the past about Bikram Yoga and I think I'm going to pick this up again.  A local studio opened a location about 15 minutes from house and are offering a fantastic deal for new students, so I'll probably swing by the studio sometime this week.

Other than that, nothing exciting yet.  Hopefully soon though - I haven't been this boring for so long in a while!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving along

I've been really bad about this blog thing - and I realize that I start many, many entries that way. There has just been absolutely nothing worth writing about going on. I know it sounds a little sad, but I love that there is nothing BIG going on. For once. I'm not training for some ridiculously long race, studying for an incredibly hard exam, building a house or changing jobs. I'm just being, and I really hope that I can last the rest of the year like this (please please please, don't let things get out of control!).

I was cleared to start riding a stationary bike a few weeks ago, so I managed to find a fabulous deal on a fluid trainer on craigslist. I've been doing that a few times a week, although I'm trying ride every day, Mon-Thurs and again on Sat for this week. So far, so good. I'll be good to go running-wise on April 4 so I'll probably start that up again that afternoon, although I'm still in limbo with my running goals for this year (and most likely next year too). I was toying with the idea of Rock n' Roll Denver (which, for those of you who remember, was my first marathon) but I just saw that Rock n' Roll Vegas will be held in the evening this year. Hmm...an extra month and a half to train, a night time race, and VEGAS?! Count me in! Um...for the half, anyway.

We're tentatively making travel plans for the year too. Generally we do one big trip in spring/early summer for our anniversary and then maybe a few long weekends in Denver or Vegas, but that won't be the case this year. Although we were planning a week in Madrid this May, we're holding off until we can go for 2+ weeks at a time. Maybe next fall or in early 2013. We're planning a road trip to Vegas this May with my BFF and her boyfriend, and then we're going to wrap up the week in Dallas so we can catch Jimmy Buffett. Yes, I know. You just can't help what you love, right? And I love beaches, drinks and having a good time...therefore, my love for Jimmy Buffett is explainable. :)

So beyond that, my plan is to just kind of sit. Maybe get started on some landscaping for my back yard (blech, not exciting). I started playing around with making some jewelery so I'd like to see where that can go...not that it'll make a millionaire or anything, but at least it's something to fill my time. And I love that I can look at something and say "Hey, I can make that!" Yeah, it's not the best photo, but you can't be too picky when you're stuck at work with just a folder and the camera on your phone.
So...lets see if anything exciting comes up within the next couple of months - I need something to write about!