Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today I ran 7 miles. I know it's not a ton, and I know I'll be running even further than that very soon, but it was pretty exciting. This is the furthest I've gone since I ran Denver in October of last year. My last scheduled 7 mile run was supposed to be the day after Christmas, but it turned into a 3 mile walk because of the knee pain that turned into a hamstring injury and resulted in about 4 months off. I think that this was something I've really needed to do though - just for the mental aspect. Every once in a while I'll get a sudden burst of excitement for NYC but it's quickly overshadowed by doubt since I'm *only* at 4, 5 or 6 miles. A part of me still feels behind in the training, but I know I need to get over that. I have a good plan, put together by a good (and very knowledgeable) friend and it'll get me there.

7 miles today...98 days till 26.2!

Friday, July 24, 2009

And the Verdict Is...

I have Plantar Fasciitis. I finally made it down to see a podiatrist this morning and I’m glad I finally have an answer. I’ve been doing a lot of icing lately and really focusing on stretching before and after I run, which has helped a lot. The doctor is contacting my insurance company to see if they’ll cover custom orthotics, which I’ve assumed I needed for some time now. Even if it’s not covered, I’ll be getting them – I figure they’ll last a really long time and it’s worth it to not be in pain.

For now though, they taped up my foot and that alone has made the pain vanish. I can’t get it wet, so that canceled my plans for a swim tomorrow, but hopefully I can get into the pool on Sunday when the tape comes off. I was instructed to continue running…the tape will work the way orthotics will and I have a pretty good handle on how to treat it on my own for the time being. We’ll see how the tape holds up for 7 miles tomorrow morning – the longest I’ve gone since Denver in October.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pushing Through

The heat here has been completely, totally insane. I heard on the radio this morning that temps reached 100 yesterday, and it’s been in the upper 90’s for a couple of weeks now. Needless to say, I’m hating this. I can’t get myself out when it’s that hot. I tell myself that I’ll get up in the morning and run before work, but then I stay up too late studying and have a hard time dragging my behind out of bed at 7.00 for work. On those days I say that I’ll run in the evening, once it cools down…but it’s still over 85 at 8.00 PM and I have to study…starting the cycle all over again. I somehow still manage to get it done, usually in the evenings, but it’s not even enjoyable and I’m hating life the entire time.

I only rode to work once over the past two weeks too. After forgetting my water bottle at home and just assuming I could make it on the small bottle I had at my office, I learned the importance of proper hydration in the heat. There were a couple of times I got dizzy and almost crashed into the guardrail separating the trail I was on from a very busy street. I’m teaching myself to let go of my handlebars to grab my bottle now though and I feel a lot more confident that I’ll be able to ride without dying from lack of water anymore (yes, letting go of the handlebars is a new trick for me, I realize how lame I am).

I’m up to 6 miles for my long runs now. I know it’s not much and I spend a lot of time wondering if I’ll really be ready for NYC, but I’m putting all my trust into my schedule. I know it’s not ideal for me to even attempt this race considering the injuries this year, but I really, really want to do this. I’m trying to make smarter decisions and have finally made an appointment with a podiatrist for later this week to see what we can do about my foot pain. Hopefully a set of orthotics is all I’ll need to continue.

I have my second triathlon a week from this coming Saturday. I haven’t specifically trained for it, and I’m not going to worry about my time or about the people I know getting competitive with it. I think I let other people get to me too much when I did Jay Benson and that kind of took away from the fun of it. I’m generally a competitive person, but not with stuff like this. I like to just be out and enjoy the moments surrounded by like-minded athletes (I still feel weird calling myself an athlete)…if I beat my PR, that’s awesome. If not, I had fun. And like I’ve always said – someone’s gotta come in last, and at least I know I can have a good attitude about it. If I hadn’t gotten into NYC I’m sure I’d be making a bigger deal out of this, but right now it’s just not my priority.

The hubs and I are also 99% sure we’ll be participating in the NM Marathon festivities in September – but we’re only doing the half. Mike’s been racing amazingly well lately. He did his first half marathon in 2:02 and a 10k last weekend in 54:00. I think he said he’s hoping to break 2:00 for this race. If I can do it in about 3:00, which is what I did my first (and only) half in, I’ll be pleased. One of my really good friends is also doing the full – it’ll be her first and I’m excited to be involved knowing she’ll be out there somewhere on the course too.

I’ve also gone back to my roots – timed intervals, the way I learned how to run almost 2 years ago. I attempted the 1 mile run/1 minute walk thing for Denver and for all my training before and after that and it just wasn’t working for me. Before I knew it, I wouldn’t even pay attention to the time on my walk breaks. I’m sure they stretched into 2-3 minutes. I tried a 5 min run/1 min walk interval last week on my 5 miler and finished it 2 minutes faster than the last (and fastest so far) 5 miler. I did it again on Saturday’s 6 miler and finished in 1:23…3 minutes slower than my fastest 6 miler, which was run about a month after Denver when I was in the best shape of my life. I’m finishing feeling great and the only times I’ve extended a walk break was if my heart rate was through the roof (I’ve also started using my HRM), but never by more than an extra 30 seconds. I’m pretty excited…I feel like I’m actually progressing now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alive and kickin'

Yeah, I'm still here...barely. I've been insanely busy and the whole blog thing kinda got forgotten about...yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, I have the Chile Harvest Triathlon in Socorro coming up in about 3 weeks - getting a little excited for that. It's amazing how much more fun these things seem when you do at least a little training. I've been attempting to bike to work at least a couple of times a week - the main goal is 3 times a week, but by the time Friday comes it takes all my strength to get out of bed at any time...much less the 5.45 that is required. I'm also going to start swimming in the mornings before work (I hope...this will require waking up at 4.30 and I just don't do that). I know it's bad, but the swim is my strongest leg and I don't work on it as much as I should. The running is a given...I have a marathon to train for, making this triathlon pretty low on the list of priorities. Although running is my least favorite of the three (imagine that...and I'm training for my second marathon!) it needs the most work and I'll dedicate almost as much time to that as I do studying.

Speaking of marathon training, I haven't really been able to meet up with my group lately. I think I've made it to two meetings since we started in April. First, I've had a lot going on lately on Friday nights/Saturday mornings making it impossible, but second, I just feel kind of out of the loop. I'm using a schedule that a friend designed for me, so I'm way off what the group is doing (for instance, the last time I went with them, they did 10 and I did 5). I'm trying to make Sunday and Tuesday meetings with my core group of friends, but even that has been pushed around the last couple of weeks. It's a bummer...I love these people and have a good time with them.

Today was a Saturday that I had a prior commitment though. The hubs decided (randomly) to run a local 10k...and I know, I know...he could do just as well without me watching, but I know I like having people there to cheer for me, so I went to watch and will make up my 5 miles tomorrow (with my friends!). He did amazing...he finished in about 54:00! Our friend did awesome too...she finished in about 56:00. This made me kind of glad I didn't run with them...they'd have had to wait a good 20-30 mins for me. :-S

I plan to start using the Garmin software and maybe even my heart rate monitor tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have some of those snazzy graphs and stuff that other people post in their blogs. :)