Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And we begin...

Wow...I've totally ignored the whole blog thing for a while...I thought for sure I'd be better at it than this. Anyway, while it's no excuse, things have gotten CRAZY around here!

I started running with a beginners group last Saturday and so far, so good. We only run for 60 seconds and then walk for 4 least for this first week. In all our "runs" last about 30 minutes. There were a ton of people who joined though! I was expecting about 20 or so people, but I was completely was more like 200! Granted, a bunch of them are in the more advanced groups but there were still about 100 people in mine. I think it's going to be fun though. I didn't really talk to anyone that first day, but I'm hoping to get to know more people and make some new friends as the training progresses.

Another thing that has kept me from posting is the new job that I started this past Monday. I'm back in public accounting, doing audits but I think this will be a good change Cross your fingers and lets see how it goes.